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"No shit, Sherlock"

PotomacBob 🚫

In a DoOver story, a former adult from 50 years in the future astounds his teen friends in 1959 by such futuristic comments as "No shit, Sherlock!"

Replies:   Keet
Keet 🚫


I think it's more about the 'no shit' part then the 'Sherlock' part since Sherlock Holmes is obviously from way before 1959. "No shit" in 1959, yeah that would raise eyebrows ;)

Replies:   irvmull
irvmull 🚫


Quite common in college circa 1959. Just not in mixed company, or when an actual adult was around. Not astounding at all.

mimauk 🚫

Had a google on the origins and the best one stated it was a derivative of "No shit, Shylock" as written by William Shakespeare in 'The Merchant of Venice' ;)))

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