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When less is more

Bondi Beach

I know, we all know about this-unless you're into gynecology, of course-but I ran across a nice example in Make Me, the new Jack Reacher novel. The stories aren't known for their subtlety, but this passage is nicely evocative:

"Chang was warm and fragrant, and smooth, and long-limbed, and young but not a kid, and she was strong enough to push back, and she was solid enough not to worry about."



Les Paul (and his band of renown) is more.

Replies:   Dominions Son  tppm
Dominions Son


Les Paul (and his band of renown) is more.

The guitars that Gibson makes with Les Paul's name on them are considered by many to be the most.



The "Band of Renown" was Les Brown's (big band) Orchestra.

Replies:   richardshagrin


At least they were more or Les similar.

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