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Voting question for you authors


I posted this as feature request and I guess it use to be this way, vote for Autorship as well as story.

So my question is: If I hated the story but appreciated your concept and execution; would you rather I didn't vote. I hate to vote stories down just because I didn't like the content.

Replies:   Switch Blayde  Lostlady
Crumbly Writer

Personally, I'd prefer you didn't vote the story down. I can see voting something down if you thought you were misinformed about the story, of if it had a disappointing ending. But if the story description and codes clearly identify something you don't like, then voting the story down because it's 'not your type of story' doesn't help anyone. I'd rather the people interested in the story voted, rather than those who'd rather read an entirely different genre.

Switch Blayde


I hate to vote stories down just because I didn't like the content.

I'd prefer you didn't. When I see a low score I expect it to be a poorly written story.



I also would like the voting to be based on the quality of the writing. That may sound odd coming from someone who tends to write stroke stories, but I've tried to write my smut in a coherent manner, and always tagged it as such. I've posted my non pornographic stuff under a different pen name just to keep readers from accidentally stumbling into my hard core stories. I think feedback the place to tell me what you specifically liked or didn't like about the content, that way I can make any I think are necessary adjustments in future stories. Just my opinion.

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