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How long to edit a 300k word story?


I sent my latest 300k word story off to two seperate cleaners and was curious how long I should expect for them to have it in their grimy paws before I should hope to see it again?


Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Ernest Bywater

Depends on how busy the person is. My Clan Amir series of 350K words took one editor 3 weeks and the other 1 week, because the first had a lot more real life events happening during his day than the second one.




4 years, 28 days, 6 hours and 15 minutes (approximately), however, your experience may differ.


Like any other work, time to completion is dependent upon the person performing the task.

Darian Wolfe

It also depends on how flawed the original is. When I used editors. I made the original as clean as I knew how so they had much less work to do.

Crumbly Writer


I sent a 70,000 word book to a profession editor, and got it back after two months, only to find that, rather than 'editing it', they'd decided to 'rewrite' major portions (they'd cut three to five paragraphs at a time and include a single summary paragraph.

It all depends not only on the editor, and how busy their schedule/life is, but also what their mood is at the time.

The other factor to consider is what kind of editing they're doing. General proofing takes much less time than a thorough proofing and dramatically less than a full 'Content Edit' (which also looks for plot holes, consistency errors, etc.).



This batch is running about 2 weeks. The first voulenteers never followed through.

Mostly what I look for in an editor is proofing and continuity.

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