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Things learned when posting Dead Girl's Vengeance


I post using HTML files. I use Word-> Ascii text editor-> perl script-> HTML chapters.

For this story, I wanted a five-line bulleted list. It's tricky to get Word to leave asterisks as the first character of a line. My five lines ended up making two bold face lines, two plain text lines with no asterisk and the last line headed by an asterisk. When reposting the chapter I headed each line with '@'. They unexpectedly turned into bullets. Interesting…

I also wanted short centered lines. I got bold face and confusion. I asked and the ever helpful Lazeez said to use

< p align="center">Abuser of Young Girls< /p>

< p align="center">Abuser and Murderer< br>Of Young Girls< /p>

< p align="center">Abuser and Pimp< br>Of Young Girls< /p>

My script puts < br> at the end of each paragraph.

Lazeez also reminded me that < br>[optional line feed or white space]< br> inserts a blank line. I was so focused on the centering that I forgot how the br tag actually worked.

But when presenting Chrome with the same text that works in SOL I get multiple lines between each centered group. Without a bunch of research it appears that Chrome puts a blank line between each paragraph style change.

Ernest Bywater

you may find the resource at this SoL links useful for html formatted stories at SoL


Ernest Bywater

you may also find this free e-book useful, especially from page 74 on about formatting, and the later section about preparing files for WLPC - SoL / FS / SciFi Stories.


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