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Hi all. I am but a lowly reader ( I know, we are why you all work so hard ) Have any of you heard from Lazlo? I was looking to try to inquire on the stream but have no way of doing that. As an author, maybe one of you could? I know he has been hospitalized. I am hoping he is on the mend. It would be kind of cool if we could all send get well cards.




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Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler


You should have sent that via the DM button, it is pretty much the main point of the feature.



Very true Vlad. From what I have observed there are not to many who will ignore that kind of information. I know I will ignore it since it was neither intended for me nor do I have any valid reason to try and use the address.

Ernest Bywater


I told him the same via the chat room we both visit, and Jim said he didn't mind it being out there.


I just wish he is well enough to continue posting. Or get a like writer to carry on for him. I love his work.


Still no word?

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