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Gina Marie Wylie Tangent, Cost of Time and ?


Can anyone tell me if Gina did a 3rd (or more) story related to Tangent and Cost of Time? If so please pass me a link. I went to her website but you need to create a login before you can see anything.


The Price of Vengeance

I can't see that a link would help you without that login you don't want to create.

A fourth story was apparently in planning but Gina's output has dropped drastically in tune with her health problems.

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Thanks for the info!


Actually you don't need to create a log in. Merely go to the sixth announcement in 'On Topic' discussions that are visible to all. There you will find the website that she has chosen to put part three on.

Personally I liked it but the ending feels hasty. Like there was indeed to have been a book four but instead she decided to bring things to a fairly ultimate conclusion. Given her health I do not think this can be held against her and is stated more as an observation than anything else.

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