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the NEW Kindle Create

Crumbly Writer

Amazon is already starting an aggressive marketing effort (at least directed towards their marketing people (they pay me a minimal fee if one of my readers purchases another book at the same time) and supposedly Kindle authors:

Kindle Create is a free tool that can be used to transform your completed manuscript into a beautifully designed Kindle eBook. Additionally, with Kindle Create you can:

Automatically find chapter titles and create a Kindle table of contents
Formatting support for books in 12 languages
Review and select visual themes designed to suit the genre of your eBook
Preview your eBook to see what readers will see-and make the changes you want
Quickly format using various book elements like First paragraph, block quote, separators and more

Kindle Create works with .doc and .docx files exported from any source, including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and other applications. It also supports creation of interactive textbooks from PDFs. Kindle Create is available for PC (Windows 7 and above) and MacOS (10.11 and above).

Has anyone looked into this yet? It sounds like yet another 'Don't worry your pretty little heart about formatting those nasty print documents, we'll do everything for you' products (like Kindle print, which I don't know of a single author using!).

Is there ANY reason why someone who already knows how to format Kindle books would even consider it?

The link they provided me (Kindle Create Publishing) looks like it's an attempt to copy Apple's little used iBooks Author. Nominally, it makes certain assumptions about how to format (i.e. if you're writing fiction, it automatically flushes your first paragraph to the left), but beyond that, they also offer the very things I was asking about earlier (i.e. you can now include music and videos into your ebook, the exact same way that iBooks Author has been doing for years). While I'm sure my author/musician friend will appreciate this, I seriously doubt anyone here on SOL will care.

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde

@Crumbly Writer

If I didn't have Calibre I'd be thrilled to have something like this.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer

@Switch Blayde

If I didn't have Calibre I'd be thrilled to have something like this.

I'm assuming that it's easier to use than Calibre, requiring few of the indepth knowledge to get it to function correctly. However, conversely it only has a few default styles which you can't change or modify. So, once again, it offers an "easy" process for newbie authors that ends up with everything looking just like everyone else's books.

I like the fact that it allows you to include music or speech snippets (epigraphs spoke aloud in the original source's own voice perhaps), or a video link (say to a book's video sales tool), but I'm really not terribly interested in either of those options, and ALL ebooks currently offer "html links" (which they tout as a major benefit).

In the end, it looks like Amazon is now even copying Apple's business failures, since they can't copy their hardware products.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer

@Crumbly Writer

It looks like I may have more information soon. The newbie author/musician I've been talking to seems inclined to take this route (rather than producing complex coded epubs or full audio books). The process of adding audio/visual is identical between all three (Apple iBooks, Amazon Create and coding your own epubs). So I'll let you know how difficult it is to produce something using Kindle Create once she finishes the project.

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