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Just Discovered a Great Summary for Using Hyphens

Crumbly Writer

The following GrammarBook site has an excellent summary of how and when to use hyphens, which I think will reduce many of hte common questions we have over when to utilize them.

Replies:   Ross at Play


If you are greeting a person named Fens, you can say Hi, Fens.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


If you are greeting a person named Fens, you can say Hi, Fens.

Properly formatted, that would be a hy-Fens greeting. 'D

Ross at Play

@Crumbly Writer


Thanks for that. I agree it's a good site - and there aren't many of those.

I've come across it before and just added it to my browser bookmarks so I won't lose it again.

I have some reservations but the positives I'd say about it are it is:
* thorough, it mentions most tricky situations
* well-researched, what it says is accurate
* well-written, the explanations and examples are clear
* and it doesn't attempt to dumb-down difficult choices that authors must often make

I have some doubts about whether its explanations are complete, whether it says 'this is right' when other options exist, and how easy its format with lists of rules is to use.

I have no qualms recommending it to authors who want one site they go to whenever they have some question about grammar and punctuation. I'd expect most times authors could find an answer which will be satisfactory, at least.

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