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For all those who haven't completely abandoned ASSTR

Crumbly Writer

Just got a notice that the ASSTR ftp engine is back up and running. No telling how long it'll stay up, but it looks like someone (the Rey) finally did something about the mess they have there.

Maybe now I can finally delete the story I'd removed long ago, but that when they 'restored' their database they put back up, but never gave me any way to remove it again. ::< (rolling eyes emoji).

Ernest Bywater

Let me know how you get in if you can get in to delete anything from your account. I just tried and can't.

Crumbly Writer

As predicted in the initial mass-mailing, the facility didn't last long. :(

Crumbly Writer

Alas, for anyone hoping for the return of the site, they don't seem able to keep it functional for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Not a terrific bellwether for the future of the site.

They claim they have the funds to remain operational, how I'm unable to comprehend when their site is nonfunctional, but at this point, they need someone working full time for a couple months just to get the site off its back.

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