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Need help about London


For my next Tarleton story, I need two streets which would be in London by 1810 or earlier.

One a fairly major street.

Another, a less well known street which crosses the other and could plausibly have upper-middle-class house on it in 1820.



Using Zellus' links try

A major east -west street is "The Strand" inhabited by the rich. Linking into it is "Drury Court" (not easy to see but look for a church and the number 51 both in the middle of the Strand) which is mixed poor and richer

The colour code is in

just an idea; hth

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The only problem with that excellent map is that it is from around 70-80 years later than requested. I think Uther P is going to have to ignore that tiny detail.

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Thanks to all who responded.

I got other responses by letter to the same question on my blog.

Among them all, I'm sure to fid one.

(I would think that The Strand would predate 1800. I'd look the name up in the OED to be certain.)

Ernest Bywater

here's some other leads

I've friend into genealogy of ancestors in London and they swear the Londonist website is extremely useful

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