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Hi guys, i have had this idea floating around in my head for awhile for a bittersweet romance novel called "The Girlfriend Experience" and that name could always be changed but it fits the general idea of my tale.

Basically it would be about a 24 year old genius who graduated from college at 18 and retired (but still takes consultant jobs) from his billion dollar business at 24, with his clock ticking (some disease TBD gives him a little over a year left to live) he decides that he wants to spend it with a significant other so he starts an online event that lets women from all around the world apply to be his live in girlfriend for 1 year stating that it will never go past the "girlfriend" stage but in the end the girl will get a million dollars.

The ending which ill spoil now so look away any potential readers is that he does indeed die but leaves a note to the girl explaining his feeling about her and that hes leaving all his possession to her (she never knew he was terminal or died till the note arrived), turns out she is pregnant with his child, one he never knew he had.

The story would pan about 80-100 chapters spanning the full year, all the ups and downs you would expect from a new relationship, especially from the male MC who never had the time to date.

Anyways that's just an idea i had, i have terrible grammer and/or comprehensiveness so instead of trying to make it myself i figured i would post the idea for anyone who wants to take a stab at it.

If the story idea has already been done (i know island fever has some elements like the global dating system but it was a harem and didn't lack the depth i wanted) let me know as i would like to read it.

Also if someone is interested in making it and wants to cooperate more on it let me know and we can get together via discord or something and hash out ideas.

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Geek of Ages


Doesn't this belong in the "Story Ideas" forum?

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@Geek of Ages

thanks didn't see that subforum, tried to delete this topic but wouldn't let me.


You could send a note to Lazeez asking for him to do that.

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