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Scrivener versus yWriter versus whatever


Over the last couple of years I have been writing various snippets and saving various pictures while I get my story stright in my head. Now I want to organise all the snippets and see where the gaps are.

Can anyone recommend software that will do that? I have had a play with yWriter but it doesn't handle the pictures which I want to use for reference purposes.

Thanks in Advance

Crumbly Writer

I go old school. I have a picture collection which I have divided into categories. When I'm considering a story, I'll start placing potential characters or scenes into a folder in the book's folder for reference. As I've said before, I tend to plan out stories in my head for a long time before I ever write a word, so I'm not as big on plotting out or outlining the book. For my last two books, I collected quotes to include (and dozens I never got around to), they go into a similar folder.

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@Crumbly Writer

Do you put each quote into a separate file?

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Crumbly Writer


Do you put each quote into a separate file?

Yes. I started out grabbing images of quotes. I'd name them by the gist of the quote along with the author. When I found online quotes, I'd create text files using the same naming conventions. I now have about 150 quotes, but only used about 30 of them. However, I used another five in my next book, using them for the section breaks.

Plot details, like how a scene is supposed to unfold, I'd simply drop into a generic "Notes" folder for each story, so I could recall what I'd intended to do with the scene.

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