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Changing Story Codes

Ernest Bywater

In the past couple of weeks I've had communications with a few other authors about how you go about changing the story codes after you post the story. If you're uploading a new chapter or a repost of a chapter you can do the changes as part of the file upload process. However, it's easier to just use your Author/ Editor page to make the changes whenever you want.

I've created a short instruction and it's available to anyone at my Dropbox account via the link below. I hope this helps someone.


Replies:   robberhands

@Ernest Bywater

Great; now I only need to make up my mind which codes I need to apply to give a fair squick-warning and which codes not to apply because they would mean false advertisement.

Ernest Bywater

I find I change codes the most when a new code is added to the list and I realise I need to add it to one or more of my stories.

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