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Novir - So you know


Alright, so a few of you have probably heard of this new writing program called Novir. Let me say, if you already have a writing program you're used to, ignore this one.

I've asked a few questions via facebook and here's what I found out.

It's browser based, using cookies to store your work, or SSL. Frankly not that secure from what I can tell. Though it does work offline, and across multiple platforms, it doesn't allow for version saves, like i know MS word can do. It allows for chapter separation, but a lot of others do this as well, and what's worse is that it's either a monthly or yearly fee. No spell checking, no grammar checking. None of that as of yet. Frankly in my book, not worth the price they're asking.

Myself, I'll stick with Celtx, Word and Onenote.

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