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Lazlo Zalezac


I'm a fan of his writing. Has anyone heard from him? Does anybody know what he is up to. He is usually pretty good with a regular posting schedule. But I haven't seen anything in a while from him.

Replies:   Jim S

As with most authors here, he starts posting when he has finished a story (the "regular posting schedule" is a big clue). Assume he has no finished stories at present.

Jim S


He sometimes leaves clues in his blog so that is probably the best source. Note that his last story finished only 3 months ago or thereabouts so it's not like he's been missing for a long time. See his Feb 26 blog post for a preview of coming attractions.


Thank you for letting me know.

Ernest Bywater

Last I heard, a few weeks ago, he was busy with some writing, but also extremely busy with his real life work. He often pops into a chat room I frequent, and has mentioned how busy his work is right now, and has been for some months.

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