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Dual Writer


Has anybody heard from Dual Writer since Irma?

Replies:   docholladay


I haven't. Maybe I should try and ask him by email how he is doing. I have it from previous messages, but I hate to abuse that unless its important and this definitely fits that need. I will try it and see if I get any reply.

edited to add: Okay email sent but I have no way of knowing how often he checks it.

StarFleet Carl

In the for what it's worth department, I have both an ex-wife as well as several friends and family who live in Florida, including parts that were directly hit by Irma. (Naples / Ft. Myers area, as well as Orlando).

There's a lot of trees down and while many structures did take at least some damage, from what I've been told most of the state didn't get much more damage than what they'd normally get from a major hurricane. So it's just a rebuild phase that'll take a bit. Where the ex lives, she posted they'd been told originally it'd take 4 - 6 weeks to have power back. They had it back in 3 DAYS.

Now, further inland, in some of the rural areas, it's going to take longer. But FP&L and everyone down there is just pulling together and doing what needs to be done. (Cousin up near Orlando said that some of the more rural roads are slightly hazardous, but that the redneck brigade (his words) were out with saws in full force clearing at least one lane. Biggest issue is the bugs and displaced wildlife - more gators out in places they normally aren't.)

Replies:   docholladay

@StarFleet Carl

Thanks Carl. The information does help. I do know DW has stated in the past he has health problems. I don't remember what they are however. I will let everyone know if I get a reply to my message to him but since I didn't directly ask for a reply there is not a guarantee of my getting a reply.


Its around 9 p.m. my time now and i sent the email at about 7:45 this morning. I will keep an eye open for a reply but it looks unlikely at this point. And like I said I won't push too much.

Ernest Bywater

I think it will be a while before we hear from DW. I suspect he had to evacuate, and we won't hear about how he's doing until after he returns home and has time to get organised again.

Replies:   docholladay

@Ernest Bywater

Especially considering both his health issues and the fact that I believe he lives on a boat. Those along with the mandatory evacuation of some areas puts his replying at the low end of expectations. Its why I only sent one email asking about his health and related issues instead of anything else. Its also why I will not send any more emails for a while as well.

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