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Ernest Edwards & Cazna Rochester

Ernest Bywater

I'm posting this in both the Author Hangout and the Story Discussion forums, so sorry if you see it twice. I want to get wide coverage.

Prompted by some other events and the thread on Pen Names I'm simplifying my management process by amalgamating all the stories I have full legal control and responsibility of to my main account as Ernest Bywater. This means all the stories I wrote as Ernest Edwards will move over, and all the ones I wrote the action scenes for with Cazna Rochester by originally didn't claim, and later had to revise and take responsibility for are also moving over. This will happen in a week or two, and I've posted blog entries about the changes.

The story Shiloh which I co-authored with The Scot will stay separate as we have shared legal control of it.

Crumbly Writer

Good luck.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater

@Crumbly Writer

I hope I don't need luck. They're all on the one user page at Lulu, and I'll be making a change to the Lulu copies of the Clan Amir stories to show the link clearly in the near future. What this does is makes it a LOT simpler for me to manage everything at FS and SoL - anyway, it'll look better with all 103 stories in the one list.

The real big advantage is the people who read one set of stories and ask if I write anything else will have a lot more to go through before they email me.

Crumbly Writer

Stories may not contain explicit sex; and must not have a sex theme, revolves around nudity or sex in general.

Stories may not contain foul language. Some words my be mildly censored.

Just as an aside, to detail exactly what's included in these stipulations. I included a recent story on FS which contains a major sub-plot (essential to the overall plot as it details why the characters are driven to act as they do), which involves a developing and ongoing incestual theme. However, the story, while referencing the incest, never details exactly what happens, only that the siblings are overly infatuated with each other, and keep disappearing together, only to fight about it later.

FS doesn't mean you can't deal with adult themes. Merely that you can't focus on and detail the explicit sex scenes.

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