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Milk from a mother's breast


Are there any stories like that on here? I can't seem to locate them if they are. I think a mother nursing a baby and an older son seeing her do it is hot. But when mom offers her older boy a tit to enjoy and taste the story is mind blowing. If she has an orgasm or let's her older boy enjoy her body and she his cock it' makes me cum so hard.

Ross at Play


I can't seem to locate them if they are.

Go to Category Search on the Home page. Go down to the group called Sexual Activities and check on 'Lactation'.
If you have premium membership that can find 668 stories for you to choose from.

BTW, while looking that up I noticed a category for 'Flatulence' that I did not know existed, and is frankly more information than I care to know. Still, that's 7 stories I know I will never be reading. ;)

John Demille


search for 'Mother's Milk', there are four stories on the site with that title.

Ross at Play

Or a combination search for 'lactation' and 'mother' in the incest group cut the number down to 150.


My story "Mums Talk" features breast feeding.

Replies:   lnettnay


I can't find that story or your author page. Have you removed them?


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