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New editing software: Ginger

Crumbly Writer

Saw and downloaded a new piece of editing software: Ginger. This one sounded promising, because in addition to the 'no-distraction' writing environment, it also included the standard spell check, a recommended substitutions, a read-aloud feature, automatic translations (separate and supposedly better than Google Translate). In addition, beside allowing you to access the information across a variety of platforms, it also works within MS WORD documents and also within most browsers.

While it sounded great, most of the features (the translations, read-aloud and other features) are only allowed if you pay for a $7/month Premium service (and that's only a limited-time 40% discounted price).

However, out of every 'fix' they recommended, every single one was flat-out wrong! (although I did notice another error they didn't notice while reviewing their incorrect fixes.) What's more, their 'suggested alternatives' all revolve around substituting the primary verb, often to one which clearly doesn't fit. It doesn't offer suggestions for any other phrases or words, just one word out of every sentence that's usually the basis of the entire sentence.

In short, the product is severely limited, and Vastly over priced!

I'm still evaluating it, but I'm NOT recommending it, and won't pay to try out the more extensive features (I have no evidence the read-aloud feature isn't simply the Operating Systems basic 'read-aloud' feature for blind users.

Another problem, it has no clue how fiction is written, as most punctuation changes it rejects are the proper form for fiction (i.e. it drops the first space around ellipses, and deletes all the em-dashes, among various other problems).

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