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Feedback with scores/e-mails for JRyter


A note written to DualWriter:
I have read your stories three times and those of
JRyter and Jay Cantrell three times as well. I
liked most of them; some not so much but none were
bad enough to even envoke any negative criticism.
I am always reminded that 1) the stories don't
cost anything but time to read them, 2) the
authors are obviously freely willing to share
their imagination with the readers and deserve my
respect for doing so, and 3) I can write fairly
well myself, but not one bit better than either of
you three.

As for those who feel compelled to trash a story
with low or negative scores and to follow them
with written criticisms - remember they are
anonymous because they don't have to say those
things to your face and thus, they feel entitled
to be superior.


Keep writing what and when you wish and I will
keep reading.

Best regards,

Bob Wilkins

Nashville, TN

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