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Who can top this [asking] price?


Just saw on Amazon that Cheerleaders in Paradise (old paperback edition) is for sale in the Marketplace for $592.30. Pretty good, considering that it's no longer available anywhere (sigh) and was priced at $2.99 when it was.


I know, we've talked about this whole thing of re-selling books at outrageous prices. I just thought this was kind of funny, because it is. (The seller has an 89% approval rating, BTW.)

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boom. Bing baby.

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Dominion's Son


One word: Collectors.




Heh. Buy it, please-at least I'll get a cut of $9.99, vs zilch from the Marketplace.

By "top it" I meant a higher price, not "beat this price." Several authors on this board have reported Marketplace prices for their books significantly higher than the sale price, which is why this one caught my eye.


Oh sorry about that. No, I've seen my "Used" books for about 60 bucks, but not that high...


It is luck, pure and simple. SWMBO picked up a lot of 40 old American comics (including a few n°1 of series)for the equivalent of £2,80 (a couple of bucks) the lot in a local second hand shop. Some of them are listed individually for £40 each. The ***** charged about £7,00 for the next pile.

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Crumbly Writer


The ***** charged about £7,00 for the next pile.

Maybe he knew what was in the two piles?

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@Crumbly Writer

It wasn't as good. He spotted a buyer in need!

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