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Trying to contact Lapi over ongoing "The Samaritan".


There's no contact information for you, but I do have some feedback. "The Samaritan" is quite interesting, but, in Chapter 3, where you're referring to characters in another story, it really needs some separation -- horizontal rules, color, something. I'm having to write down characters because there are parallel first person discussions.

Your writing, though, is keeping me reading.

Crumbly Writer

If he accepts email responses, you should go that route, as I'm not sure he even frequents this forum.

For what you're describing, based on how it's done, it would usually be handled in a prologue or forward. At the very least, it's italicized and/or indent and only contains a few lines before the story begins, so you know it's not a part of the story.

Ernest Bywater

he has no email address listed for any of his pen names, he also has this blog post, so you're warned.

I'm sorry many of my stories are Yellow-unfinished. Laz has taken down some lower scored stories for me; like 20 of them and I will ask him to delete more soon. This will be based on the number of downloads not the score. My Lapi, Pappy, Saladin, Sam, Angus and Jerrod pens only will be affected.

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