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Female oriented stories


Let me start with a quote from aroslav's "My Brother Reads Incest Porn. zOMG! He Writes It!":

Of course, it's written from the male point of view. Gah! Why don't some women write this stuff? She's teasing him. She's sexy. She wants it. He can't take it any longer. He pins her against a wall and she melts. If I was writing this stuff, he'd have to work at it if he wanted in my panties. I mean, he'd have to wine and dine me and convince me that he really loved me.

I've read quite the amount of stories on SO, but finding female oriented stories is quite hard. Does anyone happen to have a list of the good stuff, or tips on how to find them?



Wayne Gibbous has written a lot of stories from the female point of view, though I find it hard to imagine a female with the name of Wayne, so find them difficult to get into.
With over 500 to select from - though not all are from a female view - you may find something that appeals to you.

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I'd recommend separating a number of things:

1) Characters written from the female POV

2) Characters where the females want to be wined and dined and want the male to prove something.

3) Stories with realistic females.

You posted on the author forum more than the story discussion forum, so I'm going to focus more on writing than on story suggestions.
In the real world I'v found that there are a lot of different types of people out there with different desires. There certainly are a lot of females who do want to be wined and dined.
However there are plenty for whom expressing interest in giving them the space to figure out what they want works really well.

I have been at events and known strong women full of self respect who were there for the sex. Wining and dining was okay so long as it didn't take more than 10-15 minutes. I have actually seen a situation where meeting to sexual activity (all initiated by the female) was under two minutes.

You're absolutely right that what you see here is skewed much more towards no wining and dining than the real world.

I think Lubrican does an excellent job of presenting the females that want to be wined and dined, although not from the POV of the female. Amusingly the only Lubrican story I have in my library at the moment doesn't work that way:-)
(There and back) is a very long story written from the female POV with a moderately pro-wining-and-dining main character who still comes with her own desires and agenda.



I'm aware the concepts should be split. I merely used the quote as an example and I'm hoping once I figured out how to find female POV stories I'll find the entire spectrum. The real world is diverse, I'm hoping to find that same diversity in stories. SO succeeds in doing this, except most stories are male POV which makes finding diverse female POV hard.

awnlee jawking


aroslav's 'Not This Time' is told from the POV of a strong female.

Worth trying are rache and her synonyms.


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@awnlee jawking

If you are talking about rache, there are some other unusual female prospectives on SOL, for instance Samantha K.


Another one to consider is Once More With Feelings by The Night Hawk.

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Jim S


Lostlady is a recent addition to SOL and her stories all appear to be female centric. Be advised that her stories are heavily erotic though.

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Goodness! Never thought I'd be mentioned in a posting but I am certainly a male and I love to write female characters. Their emotional range is wide open and I love going from soft to hot. I have a great sympathy for women and I think that helps when I write female characters. I've moved on the writing ebooks for sale and have even taken a new pen name with an androgynous name.

So, thanks, ustourist, for the nice mention.

Wayne Gibbous (still alive and well)


Would Female Oriented stories be about females from the Orient? I know the PC police disallow Oriental Females, only rugs are Orientals now, they are Asian Females. Not quite sure about Oriented Females. Do they have GPS and a map and a compass?



This thread subject has inspired me to re-read some of C J Cherryh's stuff, starting with Cyteen, as a lot of her books have very powerful female leads, continuing with Chronicles of Morgaine, through the Chanur books (with a strong female alien main character) then into the seventeen (so far) volumes of Foreigner which, although told from the perspective of the male main character, has two very important and strong female characters in Jago and Ilisidi. If a couple of shelf-feet of dead-tree isn't enough, I'll go on to Sherri Tepper's Gate to Women's Country

Then maybe I'll re-read Once More With Feelings , which really is a male viewpoint in a female body, and has a vaugely similar feel to Heinlien's Friday

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If a couple of shelf-feet of dead-tree isn't enough, I'll go on to Sherri Tepper's Gate to Women's Country

Well, SF is populated with strong and interesting female protagonists. Tepper's earlier books started with Mavin, one of the more memorable characters.

BTW, if you are looking for Heinlein analogues of Once More With Feelings, I Will Fear No Evil might be a closer match.


Enter the Darkness and In the Darkness Falling by Celtic Bard are from a female perspective.

Also, Prince von Vlox wrote stories from a female perspective. He also used the pen name Bruce Bretthauer. I am not sure whether his stories are still on SOL.



@Jim S

Lostlady is a recent addition to SOL and her stories all appear to be female centric. Be advised that her stories are heavily erotic though.

Jim S, thanks for mentioning me. I feel I should point out I've submitted a couple of stories under the pen name of MountainLaurel that are less "erotic" in an attempt to move away from the stroke story genre.

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