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Online Introductory Fiction Writing Course


Just something I found that might be useful to someone wanting to give writing a try.
The course starts in October and is free unless you want academic credit.
Note: I'm not a writer so I can't vouch for the quality of the course.

Crumbly Writer

Please be aware that participation in this course involves reviewing work posted by other learners. You may find some material used in these stories is of an adult nature (e.g. language, sex, violence) and although captured in context, may offend. Learners on this course are instructed to place warnings at the top of their work to indicate use of such content.

Recommended for learners age 16+.

Probably not the best place to learn how to write stroke stories. Best plan on two separate versions of any new stories before you take this course, the one you can post to 16 years olds, and then one you eventually plan to post to SOL and/or ASSTR (or Nifty).


You never know what a little bit of encouragement will do for a teenager,or anyone else for that matter. I forged a set of stone-carving chisels for one of my nephews years ago. He didn't become a sculptor. He's in his late thirties now and produces beautiful hand forged fantasy weapons and armour.

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