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KENP Pages read

Switch Blayde

If my memory serves me right, I've only sold two copies of my novel in the India store. I only mention that because, evidently, India is not a market for me.

I'm now enrolled in Kindle Unlimited which gives me statistics on KENP pages read. It shows KENP page counts per day by marketplace (e.g., au, de, in, etc.). There's no way of telling if one person in a country read 100 pages or two people there read 50 pages each, or any combination of that.

But I noticed that I had 4 consecutive days of reads in India -- Sept 3, 4, 5, and today.

Since India is not a market for me, would you assume the same person is reading the novel a little at a time each day?

I know there's no definitive answer. I'm just asking for your opinion.

Crumbly Writer

@Switch Blayde

How long is the book? Would it take that long for one person to read your book, or is it more of a '1 or 2 day read'?

From what you report, if it's a single person, they're reading 25 pages per day (though much of that is probably front matter which they likely skimmed).

It might also be one person read it, liked it, and told a couple friends.

However, I've also noticed that, for such a large book market, I've had very little sales/reads in India. Frankly, I probably have more reads in Saudi Arabia, despite India being a major source of fiction in English. I suspect they've got different sensibilities. Years ago, The New Yorker was pushing 'new Indian writers'. While their English was excellent, the stories were ... weird. I suspect they read the best sellers to understand how Americans think, but mostly focus on Indian writers.

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Ernest Bywater

@Switch Blayde

sounds more like someone likes it and is telling their friends who are checking it out.

Switch Blayde

@Crumbly Writer

I don't think it's friends because of the small number of pages read each day. The novel's KENP is 432 pages. What was read each day was 12, 70, 9, 29.

The counts were odd. The fact they were from India was odd. I was just stumped. I guess I'm wishing it's one person who keeps reading rather than 4 people who abandoned my novel. I guess I'll see if more pages are read from India tomorrow.

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Ernest Bywater

@Switch Blayde

Could be someone trying to read while commuting to work?

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