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"All around the world, panties likely dropped"

Bondi Beach

From a fan review of the Claire and Jaimie's wedding night episode in the TV series Outlander. My wife has become a fan and is working her way through the books as well as the TV version. Now she's on to fan sites as well, from whence the subject line came. That wedding night episode is bound to be one for the history books. If you're a straight woman, especially.

If you haven't heard about Outlander, suffice to say it's Diana Gabaldon's time-travel bodice ripper with lots of hairy guys in skirts and a gorgeous lead actress, Caitriona Balfe, not to mention every woman's dream hunk, what's-his-name. There's lots of swordplay, literally and metaphorically, as well.

Full disclosure: I've pre-ordered Gabaldon's little essay on writing sex scenes, I Give You My Body. She's also got an excellent deconstruction of another sex scene (not the famous wedding night) and if I can find it again I'll post the link. EDIT: It's a Facebook post:



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