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Next part soon!

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Just wanted to say that I apologize for the delay in the next part for Stellar Drift and that is will be up soon. Thank you to all who have read and who continue to read the story. Your interest is greatly appreciated! January did not leave me with a lot of time to get things done on the writing front. Some changes in my life have opened up the opportunity for more time to write however, so I plan to be releasing parts with better frequency. I've also been working with an artist to develop another story of mine into a comic, which has taken it's fair share of time. Details on that to be released soon. I have another story outside of the Stellar Drift setting, and hope to be posting parts on that by next month. My last thing to mention, is that I've been working with a couple of artists to develop character and setting art for Stellar Drift. I will release details on that soon too, for those interested in seeing the characters in an artistic portrayal. Perhaps my biggest reason for such a feat, is the possibility of Stellar Drift becoming a comic or graphic novel, once I get the story cleaned up better for it's still planned novel release. Going to be a busy year I think. Time to crack on!



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