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The adventures of Calvin Michael Johnson

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With this being Valentine's weekend, I am posting early. I hope you all enjoy the next installment. CMJ has had a rough week, but things are starting to look up. Things have happened that may be shocking. He is finally getting his head on straight and is going to start making some life-defining decisions. Now that he has been out of the hospital a week, and I have got most of the introductory information out. I am going to start making each chapter a week in length, instead of each chapter is a day. It takes up way to much time to make every day a chapter. Besides just like real life, not every day can be that important. If I need to make a special day I can make a chapter devoted to that day, but for the foreseeable future, a chapter will cover a week of CMJ's life. I will still try to post 2 chapters a week for you all to read. That probably will not change. I know when I read serials, I hate it when a new chapter is posted and its only one day in time or maybe a couple of days and then boom it's done. Yes, always leave them wanting more, that's the saying they use. OI hope that I am leaving you wanting to read more.