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Clap back ...

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I don't do idle ultimatums. Previously I had threatened retaliation against the mortification mongers who nominated my work product, and me personally, for the Big Clit. As they had hoped, and -- perhaps -- prayed, my scores have plummeted into historic nadirs.

My public humiliation is … um, humiliating. Publicly so. Not that I pay the slightest attention to reader votes. Particularly from those of you lacking opposable thumbs.

Ergo, you weasels, whence and wherefore, hereto and forthwith, I have completed another Winter Jennings story - "Hide & Seek".

Sixteen chapters … read 'em and weep.


NB: The actual posting here may take a while since the editors - Thorny, Steven, Mike, and pc - were stunned into catatonia when the latest manuscript plopped down on the doorsteps of their hovels.