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RETREAT Begins Posting

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Book #3 in the Robledo Mountain Saga begins posting today. The Prologue and Chapter 1 have been submitted to the mods and should be available soon - a couple of days late I know. Retreat is 22 chapters (including Prologue and Epilogue) and picks up right where Refuge left off.

As I've said before, 'Man plans and God laughs'! I know, I know, Lazeez has made it real easy to just plug in the entire story and schedule an automated release of one chapter every Friday. Since I'm both an old fart and slightly OCD (meaning I must have control whenever possible) that isn't going to happen.

Despite the best efforts of my great crew of editors and proofreaders I can't resist making last minute changes so I'm sure I've managed to remangle things they previously corrected and added new mistakes they never saw. It should go without saying that any mistakes found are mine and mine alone.

I'm looking forward to this round of emails and comments so please feel free to do either or both. As always, I'll do my best to respond to every email while lurking in the background to read all the comments.