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When Everything Hits At Once...

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Story Update: I have not written a single word in three weeks.

I've wanted to write. I've plotted the whole Tome 2 story. Real Life™ keeps hopping up and biting me in the keister (a technical term).

My work has changed. We're dealing with market fluctuations and changing governmental landscapes and our company's profit margin has narrowed. In response, our jobs have morphed - same job, just harder to do it for a wide variety of reasons. It means my work/life balance has skewed heavily towards the 'work' side and by the time I actually do make it to the 'life' part - I don't even want to LOOK at a computer.

Then, there's my 'man-cave'. It's a disaster of epic proportions. A decade or so ago, we moved to a state where basements basically don't exist - so we had to change our 'storage' to above our garage. As time goes on (and kids get older) space has grown very tight. In response, my wife found several boxes of my books that suddenly needed to be stored in the man-cave rather than in storage. I had no where to put them - my shelving in my man-cave is FULL. So, I did what any self-respecting woodworking hobbyist would do - I decided to build me a new shelving system to store all the detritus.

That was a year ago. I'm still not done with the shelving units because...Life­™. However, I've prioritized them because I JUST CAN'T STAND IT ANY MORE! I have my crap EVERYWHERE - on my desk, in piles on the name it. I'm not the neatest person in the world but when the clutter gets to be too much, I get a bit nuts.

Then, there's taxes. Two of my daughters are now 'grown' (one is away at college, one commutes) but I somehow got stuck doing their taxes. I honestly don't mind - but getting necessary paperwork from them is worse than pulling teeth.

I know, I know...first world problems...

Anyway, three weeks...

I know I could have written over the past three weeks. Some of the above is just excuses, I know. The problem is...I'm not happy with the chapter I wrote last and I don't know how to fix it. I'm not even positive why I don't like it. Usually, the thing will percolate and a 'way out' will present itself - not this time. I may have to leave it and move on.

Anyway, that's been my slice of heaven. I'm going to have to step it up but I think I can still make the 'late May/early June' deadline I've set myself.

I hope all of you have been more productive than me.