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Curiosity Killed the Cat: Chapter 14 posted

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Hello to all the people who are enjoying my story so far, I apologize for the delay between chapters, I had some health issues that prevented me from writing for a few days. Nothing life-threatening, but it was incapacitating. I should be posting a new chapter every 3-4 days at this point.

For those who might not be aware, this is my first foray into the wonderful world of authorship. Now that I have gotten at least a goodly portion of my way into my story, I am finding that it takes a little longer to write each chapter, thanks for your understanding and patience.

I truly hope you all are enjoying the complicated, immature yet mature, incestuous relationship between David and his beloved sister Amber. Please keep in mind that sometimes they will seem very mature for their ages and at other times they will appear to be the opposite, being teenagers between the ages of 15-16, they are subject to bouts of both.

I hope that many of you will stay on this epic journey of ups and downs that this couple will find themselves traversing, and enjoy doing so with them. Their relationship is destined to have its hardships and challenges, yet it will also be fulfilling and the true depth of their love will be shown to be boundless and eternal. Will society tear them apart? Will they eventually find a small corner of the world where they can take refuge and have their love flourish unchallenged by authority? Will they be forced to love from a distance in the future? Or will their love find a way to triumph?

As stated elsewhere, this story will be very long, at least two books as it stands now. Enjoy the ride!