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You have to know where you're going

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Some time ago, I discovered that I could generally set a goal of 1000 words a week and meet it easily. Sometimes I can churn out 1000 or more words a day. All of this would seem to lead me to be able to write stories to share here or sell...
Alas, such is not true, for if you spend all day walking ten miles, and have walked in a circle, you really have made no progress. And that, unfortunately is the problem with my writing. I have no idea what end my writing is moving toward, so for example in my most impacted story, It's a Helluva Job I've been sitting and spinning for a while. Several times I've made an attempt to draw the various threads I started together, but since they really are only loosely connected beads in Joe's wanderings in his life, both before and after he meets the S'arm.
Anyway, I want (as does every Swarm Cycle author) to get my 'hero' off from Earth and involved in the war to keep the S'arm at bey. But we have a story breaker, anyone can be either picked up as a qualifying volunteer or as the concubine of a qualifying volunteer.
Suddenly the struggle is broken, so to speak, thus I need something new, the lottery winner or finder of the genie in the bottle is sort of what my story has become. Then I need the 'hero' to form relationships (which the advancing S'arm short circuit to a degree) and invite people he wants to live with to come with him. And essentially his only struggle becomes not becoming a megalomaniac dictator and whether he ought to follow his personal desires in a way to go to the stars (Who wouldn't want in on that adventure at almost any cost!?) or should he do what he has said is right and stay at home to be here to meet the S'arm when they land with some method of delivering them fatal reverses....
Anyway since I started without a clear picture of what Joe's struggle would be and what the resolution to that struggle would look like before I started writing, so I've ended up writing several thousand words that are the equivalent of going in circles all day.
If this were the only story where I'd done this it might be something that I could feel that I would learn to overcome. But everything I've written has this problem.
So I'm lost because I don't know where I was going when I started writing no matter what I start writing.