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A little gift for my readers and an update

May 16, 2018
Posted at 5:26 pm

Since it has now been six months since the 2017 Halloween contest ended, Lazeez has informed me that I can now make my story, "The Cat and... the Bat?" public for all! And there was much rejoicing.


So if you missed the story the first time around, or were unable to read it due to its premier status, I encourage you to give it a read. It's quite a fun story set in the Batman universe and one I'm quite proud of.

As far as my other projects, I am still writing and revising and outlining stories daily. Hopefully, I'll be back to posting "Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta" sometime soon. The other big news is that I am beginning the process of publishing my first story, "An Unforgettable Melody," on Amazon and a few other places. I'll be publishing under an actual pen name, so I'll send out an announcement closer to time so nobody freaks out that someone has stolen my story. (Again!)

And lastly, Amazon has confirmed that the dirty rat that stole my stories for profit has had them removed. A special thanks to G Younger! Your advice was perfect for taking care of this situation.