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Breasts too small? Visit the Good Doctor Titz story

May 15, 2018
Posted at 1:20 pm

My new story "A Visit to the Good Doctor Titz" is a 7,900-word / 19-page extract from my longer story "Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast." Dr. Titz is the world's greatest tittologist. He uses a special medical technique he invented to expand the breasts of many beautiful women from modest to mammoth, and his Perm device to render them into mind controlled, happy sex slaves. Here is a short portion of the story, to give you a feel for it:

An attractive young brunette woman stepped forward. She was wearing a low-cut dress in tropical colors that seemed like a cross between business attire and vacation wear. The dress revealed a lot of cleavage in her abundant bosom. She was carrying his lab coat and a digital tablet. She handed Dr. Titz his lab coat which he donned as she smiled and said "Good morning, Dr. Titz. May I get you a cup of coffee?"

"No thank you, Millicent" said Dr. Titz. He stood there for a moment gazing at the beautiful young brunette woman. She had sparkling blue eyes. The milky white skin of her face was framed by her thick mane of wavy brown hair. She responded to his appreciative gaze with a proud smile as she thrust out her chest to its full extent. Dr. Titz returned her a smile with a look of satisfaction. Millicent's 44-inch G-cup bustline was spectacular. Dr. Titz was very proud of his work with her, building up her bustline from small beginnings to its present majestic proportions. Millicent's eyes twinkled as she gazed worshipfully at her boss, her lover, her Master. Her happiness was obvious. Dr. Titz was equally happy with her and how her Perm treatment turned out. Millicent was his big-breasted love slave, who lived only to serve and please him.

Dr. Titz gently placed a hand on her elbow and steered the young woman toward a nearby office. They entered and he closed the door. He moved to a couch and sat down. She walked over and sat down as close to her boss as she could.

Millicent tapped at her digital tablet as Dr. Titz put his hand all the way into her cleavage and began rubbing and grasping the soft flesh of her breasts. If this had happened before Millicent had undergone the Perm treatment, she would have screamed and pushed his hand away. But now, all she could do was smile, and sigh with pleasure, and she tilted her head toward Dr. Titz. "Thank you for feeling me up, Dr. Titz" Millicent said in a breathy voice. "You know how much I love it when you touch my breasts."

The two leaned toward one another and kissed. Dr. Titz continued feeling up his assistant's breasts as his tongue met hers in urgent embrace. The kiss lasted less than a minute. Then Dr. Titz leaned back, removing his hand from Millicent's massive breasts.

"Uncover your udders, darling" Dr. Titz said. "I want to gaze at my property on your chest."

"Of course, Doctor" Millicent replied cheerfully. The beautiful young woman reached behind her back. The sound of her zipper opening was followed immediately by the lowering of the top of her dress. Millicent's white, lacey 44-inch G-cup bra was revealed.

Dr. Titz casually ran a finger down her exposed cleavage. Millicent sighed with pleasure. Then she reached behind her back once again, unlatching her bra. The bra fell away, releasing her enormous tits. Her gigantic, snow white udders sprung free and then flopped down onto her chest. The two great twin mountains of mammary flesh-Millicent's soft, pink-nippled mounds of plenty-hung free under the gaze of Dr. Titz. He lifted one massive breast with his two hands, watching as the soft flesh filled his open palms. Dr. Titz playfully bounced the breast up and down in his hands, feeling the heft of the soft flesh. He loved watching how Millicent's massive tit bounced in his hand. Dr. Titz carefully inspected the pink areola and nipple. With one hand, he took the pink nipple between two fingers. Twisting it, he watched Millicent's reaction. She winced slightly, and then she sighed with pleasure again. Dr. Titz bent over and took the areola and nipple into his mouth. He sucked it, first gently, then with more force.

Millicent rubbed the top of his head. "Mmm. Thank you, Doctor" she murmured "you really know how to treat a girl's breasts." Dr. Titz released the nipple from his mouth and lowered the breast gently. Then he took hold of the other breast and repeated the procedure. Millicent was clearly enjoying how Dr. Titz treated her breasts. Dr. Titz was enjoying it too.

After Dr. Titz had finished his inspection and sucking of Millicent's magnificent breasts, he sat back. "Time to get back to work" he said.

Millicent bent down to pick up her tablet computer and resume work. Her pure white, pink-nippled udders swung forward, hanging downward like gigantic ripe fruit. Dr. Titz admired the swaying dance of his love slave's mammaries. The sheer knowledge that he owned them and the young woman they were attached to was enough to make him smile.

Tablet computer in hand, the bare-breasted brunette assistant sat up again. Her massive breasts lay hanging from her chest, ready for Dr. Titz to grab them again whenever he felt like it. Millicent sat facing him, poised to receive his next command. Her blue eyes gazed worshipfully at her Owner.

"How many patients are being seen today?" Dr. Titz asked.

Millicent read the information from her device. …