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New Chapter for My Spanking Fetish

April 15, 2018
Posted at 3:53 pm

Bad time of year to do much writing, but I finally completed another chapter of My Spanking Fetish. This is a fictional account based on the accounts a reader shared with my about her experiences growing up. I hope I am doing a female POV justice, I haven't tried that much previously. Also, I have taken many liberties with the accounts that the reader shared with me, mostly to make the story fit my personal kinks. If you enjoyed it, let me know why, so I can build more of those aspects into future chapters/stories. If you didn't like it, I'd still welcome hearing from you IF you have ideas about what would make it better. I will listen to your advice, even if I don't decide to follow it. In the end, I need to be excited by the story in order to keep writing it.