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March 13, 2018
Posted at 10:14 pm

In addition to my ongoing serials "The Love Pill" and "Hyperlactation: My Life as a Major Milk Producer" and "Ageplay: Humbert Humps a Hairless Cunt" and "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters" I've got a ton of ideas for other serials and standalone short stories. I'll tell you a little bit about some of the things I've got in the works or on my "To Write" list. Then you tell me, via the Comments link, what you're interested in.

One serial I've been working on (but not finished) will venture into new territory for me: mother/son and sister/brother incest. I've never written about this topic before because it doesn't interest me as much as other forms of incest. But I figured 'What the hell, let me start writing on this and see where it takes me.' Well, it took me to some familiar places and then to some quite unfamiliar ones. This story proved to have more potential than I'd originally thought.

I've got another serial barely started that deals with sex in the future after a political and cultural revolution. It's still within the ambit of my usual Male dominant preferences. But instead of taking place on another planet or within one man's harem, it becomes a global phenomenon. This is perhaps my most ambitious idea for a serial, because it could potentially become very long.

I might also consider writing a sequel to one of my most often downloaded stories "Your Asses Are Mine!" Saith the Lord to His wife & Her Daughter. This tale is still among my Top Ten most downloaded stories, week after week, and has been ever since I published it 6 months ago.

Then there is the potential for a series (not serial) of stories stemming from my big breast stories. The two stories I'm thinking of are "Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast" and "One Man, Two Women, Four Gigantomastic Breasts, and No Waiting". Although these are not among my highest-rated or most-downloaded tales, they are dearly beloved by aficionados of fine female udders of unusual size.

And that's not all. I've got dozens of other story ideas that I want to keep close to my vest. What I'd like to know is which of the story ideas above appeal to you the most. Any favorites? Any you really dislike?

I take all opinions and recommendations with an open mind. Feel free to speak your mind. I want to hear anything you'd like to tell me, no matter how wild or how critical. I promise only one thing: I'll go my own way no matter what people say. The person who pays the piper calls the tune. Since I am writing and publishing these stories gratis, I am essentially paying my own way. Therefore, I get final call. But I'd still like to know what people like, and what they don't.