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February 12, 2018
Posted at 12:01 pm

*See previous post** and substitute the category*** for best erotic humour (hah, joke's on you, there's no sex in it, and how could I describe a virtual foursome between a weresheep and werewolf in their different states), and best furry/best zoo**** (don't know about best, but put all my stories together and it's a zoo, just ask some of the characters), it'll save me time to retype the whole thing.


***This also includes any future nomination category in the official and unofficial list, and any changes in the past made by my time travelling fans in future, current, past, and parallel times, up to and including this and other known and unknown dimensions. Future results are no guarantee for past performance. Keep away from children and stand clear from pregnant women and other offspring producing biological and carbon based lifeforms.

****At least, I thinks it's best zoo, but since it's written best furry/best/zoo, maybe they do mean best furry, best best, and best zoo.
Wow, nomimated for best best story. That's even goodier*****.

*****I miss the category of seriously deranged authors****** though, where's that?

******For very broad definition of authors*******.

*******What the heck, let's just add one more footnote.