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Is it Christmas every day?

January 12, 2018
Posted at 2:31 pm

Here we are more than two weeks after Christmas and readers are still downloading my popular story "My Christmas Gifts Had Breasts as White as Snow" dozens of times per day. Are people just nostalgic for Christmas? Or do they simply resonate with the story? You decide. Here's the SOL blurb for the story:

A UFO lands in front of a young bachelor on Christmas Eve. An old man and two beautiful young platinum blonde women emerge from it. The old man tells the young one that he has been chosen for a Great Work in the cosmic future. As a token of earnest for his participation, the two women - a large-breasted 22-year-old and a shapely 14-year-old - are offered as his Christmas Gifts. He is to be their Lord and they his fully trained, dedicated sex partners and lovers. Will he accept these Gifts?