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See you bitches

November 14, 2017
Posted at 11:19 pm

Its nearing midnight and I'm sitting in the only operating bar in BWI. In uniform. With a martini in one hand and a bacon slandered burger in the other. Since I'm about to go on bacon and alcohol probabtion, it's a good way to finish out my time on US soil.

I'm also staring down a bottle of Svedka and wondering how I'm going to incorporate Russian Jumpers into the plot. I might not get there this novel. I've been chewing it over for six damn weeks and can't find a good point to put them in. My amazing beta, SpiralBound, and I have gone over some of the hooks in the story and despite his usual Herculean efforts to get my stories to a readable state, I just can't find a way.

Anyway, morning half drunk, rambling diatribe aside, I'm out for a few months. I've got my trusty laptop and notebook so I'll keep the story going as much as possible but it might get tough.
Thanks for all the support and encouragement, it's been a bright spot in a tough deployment spin up. I'm grateful for all of you and that I have the privilege of serving a nation filled with such fantastic human beings.
Cheers, bombs and freedom,