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What's the good word?

November 14, 2017
Posted at 4:50 pm

Words, words, words are what it's all about here on SOL. In daily life as well, words mean things that can determine what happens to us, for good or ill. In religion, words establish narratives and beliefs that give structure to religious practice and daily life. I was thinking about religious words when I developed my story "Your Asses Are Mine!" Saith the Lord to His wife & Her Daughter. The story is not blasphemous, but it is Patriarchal. It includes some biblical quotes that will have new meaning for you in the context of this story. In addition, I bolstered the realism of this tale by drawing from some modern religious movements that are on the far fringes of Christianity. I mixed all of these into a stroke-worthy story that has the sudden impact of a bolt of lightning. Everything is told from the point of view of a young girl who joins her mother as the female property of her step-father in a marriage where his word is law. Here's a taste:

I put my right hand between my legs and fingered myself while watching my mother suck my father's cock. I licked my lips. I wanted his big meat in mouth more than anything in the universe in that moment. I was tempted to push momma aside and take Daddy into my 14-year-old mouth. I was filled with a cock-hunger that only my Daddy could satisfy.
. . .
Now everything was on the line as Daddy's big dick filled my mouth. I licked and sucked and pumped my head on my Master's beautiful penis. At times I felt like I was choking and gagging on Daddy's big meat. But I never let it out of my mouth. Not for one single second. Momma had impressed the importance of this on me over and over. I knew that it was a grievous sin for a woman or girl ever to let her Master's penis go out of her mouth without his permission once she had undertaken the Holy Mission of worshipping his penis orally. I worshipped my Daddy's cock with my mouth by licking and sucking without stopping.