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(Unwanted) Sexual Advances in the Workplace; the 'MeToo' meme

November 13, 2017
Posted at 10:54 am

Notice, gentle reader that coincident with all the news of boys acting badly, there is at least one story a week concerning female teachers and minor male students, traumatized by their sexual hijinks.
As a male gorwing up in the fifties, I also was hit on by Dirty Old Man Pedo's. You learned to recognize and refuse quietly. I could proclaim 'MeToo', but what's the point.

But all of us men KNOW that working in a mostly female company is like group therapy for the male id.
Usually the comeons are subtle and can be brushed off politely and nicely. Sometimes they are brash and to the point. 'Do you have a girlfriend?' 'I'm Married' 'That's not what I asked'
- See Chap 1 my story 'My Navel Gazette'

My favorite ego-booster though was in NYC as I explained to a room of women sales reps (all with advanced degrees, by the way) who were liaison to a very large firm that our telecom to that firm was having problems. I relayed the words of the phone company foreman: "It's not as simple as climbing a pole"
From the back of the group:
"I'll climb your pole."
I looked at her. She didnt even blush. But I was sorta pissed that five of her co-workers heard that. No way was I gonna be able to follow up. Ever!
C'est la vie.