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Humans and AIs in 65000 years time-Also posted the rest of bk1

November 12, 2017
Posted at 11:06 pm

Thank you for so many ideas. I will follow up on the reading.
I suspect I did not phrase the questions I wanted to be answered clearly enough. I was thinking about evolved, Sentient level AI's at levels of sophistication one would expect in sixty thousand or more years ahead. I am not talking about now, I wanted to ask people how they think it will move and what will be the steps. It was not is AI here and can it evolve. My question relates to the book where I say here is here is this sophisticated society much more advanced than we are and they have sentient AI's who are working with people. How did a society reach that positive accommodation and what steps are we likely to go through if we have a good result and what went wrong along the way? I explore in the beginning largely metallic AI marines and have introduced part biological AI's, later. People are given AI's/Computers/memory which are inserted into their brain to add processing power storage etc. People add modifications and AI's add biological bits. Maybe I will wait till the books evolve more and explore the issues subsequently on the blog. I was wondering if people could speculate about the future evolutionary stages. I am thinking about it. I have been reading extensively but I am interested in the social changes society is likely to go through. Will job types continue to evolve so we have something to do? How are the Luddite backlashes dealt with. What happens if unemployment reaches 67% and after. I am trying to not have dystopic societies as that has been done to death eg Blade Runner. I wondered if anyone could project into the future and guess.
Thank you for the information about black holes and current weapon types.
If you can imagine the social changes that will occur as AIs can do more and more and we live indefinitely long lives, what adaptations will we have made along the way? That is what I am asking. I know there isn't one answer but my brain has its limits.
How will we deal with sentience and rights in society? Could a sentient AI vote? For those that read book 2, we meet an even more advanced society.
How will we cope with living two hundred years in good health, a thousand years in good health and even longer lives. How do we handle the boredom. I have tried to grapple with some of this in book 3 which is with the editors.