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Is an email better than an erotic letter?

November 12, 2017
Posted at 12:35 pm

Some people like the mysterious excitement of tearing open an envelope. They enjoy feeling the texture of paper rubbing against their fingers. They relish reading a hand-written note. Other people ignore everything but the content of the message. For them, email is better. Among the newest generation of digital natives, even email is passé, as they prefer using text messages with emojis.

SOL is all digital, so abandon all hope of touching paper ye who enter here. Since you are here, you probably don't mind. My story "Letter to Teacher: Please Excuse Daughter - She's Fucking Her Dad" is little epistolary tale told through emails. A mother emails an absence excuse about her daughter to the girl's teacher. The female teacher she sends it to is also the mother's bisexual lover. The reason for the daughter's absence? She's having sex with her Dad, who is her step-father. The teacher and mother exchange a series of emails about the situation, including details of the goings on when the mother joins her husband and daughter in bed. This story is sexual, humorous, and ready for a quick read with high arousal content.