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Chapter 432 of Book 3 is in the queue

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This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...This trip, as they were nearing the cave, he smelled rain and could feel mist in the air. No sooner was he inside than a drizzle began and the sky darkened even more. By the time he had the cases unloaded, the drizzle had progressed into a steady rain and the temperature had noticeably dropped again.

Man and wolf stood in the passageway looking out at the rain. Well, I got almost all the oats, and truth be told, I have more than enough to feed the chickens for a year. But it pisses me off to leave any in the field.

His musings were interrupted by Lobo's whining as he brushed by Morales to stand staring out into the near darkness.

"Trouble, Lobo?" Morales asked, as he brought the crossbow around on its lanyard while trying to see what the wolf had detected.

Lobo looked up at him, whined once, and charged into the rain.

"What the fuck? Where the hell are you going?" Morales called after his friend, but the wolf was already out of sight...

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