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Citizen Miller remains incomplete

August 18, 2016
Posted at 8:37 pm

Rather than reply to the numerous e-mails I received about completing Citizen Miller since I started posting A Terran Trader on Toolondo, I decided to post a blog.

At this time, I have no plans to complete Citizen Miller. As much as I'd like to complete it, the desire to finish it is gone. IF I ever find the desire again, I'll complete it. I already some written, but posting it would leave the story MORE unfinished than where I left off.

I still have numerous completed (except for editing), nearly complete, or mostly complete stories that currently have my attention, although I usually work on a story for a year or more (usually more) before I feel it is complete.

I do understand your frustration with the incomplete story as there are several from some of my favorite authors that are incomplete and have been for years. Hell, I even wrote my own multi-chapter ending for my favorite one of those stories.

Sorry about the bad news, but I hope the future stories that I post help make up for it. As you can see by looking at my author's page, I've finished every story since my first one--BEFORE I start posting it. I promised myself never again to post an incomplete story.

The only exception to that will be if I have advance notice of my pending demise. No, I have no serious health issues or any other reason to think it will be anytime soon. I'm just old enough to start considering my own mortality.

If that happens, I'll post everything I have unfinished that doesn't sound as if an eighth grader wrote it.