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Pulled, but not gone completely

March 4, 2015
Posted at 9:19 pm

The last post has been over 6 years ago. Shameful, I know.

But my life has taken a tumultuous series of turns since then. No need to wonder why - just business & stuff, ya know what I mean 'cause it happens to you too. The good and the bad. Just life.

But a few weeks ago someone read the story and wrote me a note on how unique my point of view is and that he hoped I'd finish it.

Way back when this stopped (2008), I had written myself into a logical corner that I couldn't escape from (seemingly) without destroying the premise of the story.

So it sat. For too many years.

And every time I'd think of how to fix it, I had no plausible answer for the question that stymied me.

So it sat. For way too many years.

I'd like to blame my muse because she abandoned me. Well, perhaps I abandoned her too. Dunno. Don't matter as it seems we've taken up our relationship again and it's beyond the shaky 'is it real' or just a fake inspiration period.

I'll make no promises, but damn, nearly 7000 new words in the last 10 days is phenomenal progress compared to zero for years.

Additionally I will not make the same mistake as last time - posting before the story is complete. It'll be done, proof read and any necessary editorial corrections made before chapter one posts. You, the audience, will get the full meal deal instead of a empty happy meal sack.

The best part for me? I want to write.