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Series or Universe?

September 2, 2014
Posted at 3:06 pm

A dilemma. I was thinking of making my NiS stories into a Series, only to discover that stories can be in a Universe or a Series, but not both, and they are currently in the NiS Universe.

Since the whole Carl/Beth/Dee thing runs in a sequence (a series of stories can be a collection or a sequence) does it make more sense to categorize them that way? The Dee stories don't seem to be typical NiS, which are a short take of a newbie naked in school.

As soon as I discovered from Universe that the Gordy and Weena Adventures are a series I went back to the first story and started there.

Would it make it easier for new readers? Should I do the same with Carl/Beth/Dee?

I'm open to suggestions, opinions or just random thoughts.