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Thanks for all the comments this far

August 12, 2014
Posted at 2:51 am

I had never thought that I should be explaining anything to anybody - I just had that silly urge to write. But the response I have now received made me reconsider things a bit and therefore I decided to add this.

First of all, I come from Northern Europe, have been reading damned lot all my age but I had never ever considered to start writing fiction, really. I have been writing technical jargon in English for most of my adult life and I'm quite sure that nobody really WANTS to read it. I don't. And now I'm sidestepping. My wife says that I'm quite good at it.

In the beginning there was no idea to start writing, just some day- - or in fact 'nightdreaming' I was doing to amuse myself while lying awake in the middle of the night. You can probably thank our cats for that. Those daydreams started to form serial stories with a beginning and an end and at some point I got the tiniest of an idea that maybe, just maybe I could write it out - and publish it. As you can do it anonymously in the net what is there to lose? Besides, writing out those stories seemed to be the only way to get rid of them ;-/

So yes, what can you lose when you publish your stories - except your dignity, self-esteem and a few other things? I had my story and suddenly also very cold feet. For some time I considered asking randomly for editors to correct my text as I have no delusion about my grammar and vocabulary. Or maybe I do as I published the first four chapters of my first finalized story anyway.

But now, thanks to some fine people around here I have some offers form some people who really are not afraid of hard work. Since I'm quite sure editing and correcting my texts to be somewhat readable will be hard work. I thank for all the comments this far and maybe I'll be able to steal some time to finish some other stories, too. The ideas are already there and I have this feeling that they need to written out. Which is somewhat scary.